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Wash Your Hands, Goddammit

It’s time to get serious for a moment; as you all know, heading into cold and flu season, we must protect ourselves as best we can—I’m trying my best to wash my hands each time I step into my home, enter a dining establishment, etc., whenever and wherever—this is so important—my dear grandmother passed this simple, common sense notion to my mom, and she reminded me just recently as I stepped into her home, by asking/commanding me, “go wash your hands, honey…”
I got over myself (it’s not all about me, nu?) real quick upon realizing it wasn’t personal, and how few times I actually wash my hands during the day. (exceptions being when I use the bathroom, public/private, etc.)
You can take vitamin C until you poop your brains out, but by then you’ve probably been dealing with a runny nose or aches or some other ill-timed annoyance.
Wash your hands, goddammit, and don’t get sick in the first place. And no, you don’t need a fancy antibacterial soap, either. Good old Ivory still smells good to me, nu?

Your health & wellness guy loves you!

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