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Poetry, For Your Enjoyment

I’m thinking perhaps I should branch out and show my other talents beside health and wellness coaching; therefore, once a week I will present my rich, deep poetry.
Let us begin this soul-touching series with my latest thoughts—

Ode To An Elusive Booger, Part I

Elusive booger
Today I call you out
Though the dangers of sugar
Are what I normally spout

Despite expelling
The rest of your family
In steaming shower
You cling nasal
Like a putrid dead flower

On my way to meeting
The thought is fleeting
I need to pick your ass out
Without causing nose bleeding

At traffic light red
I fill with dread
Realizing I’ve not a tissue
To deal with this booger issue

Mine archenemy slimy
I hold nostril closed
Give a hard puff
Not sure,
But I think something blows

I look at my hands
Check out the steering wheel
Nothing there,
Nothing I can really feel

Such peace of mind
A cleansing powerful squirt
Until at meeting time
Someone utters,
“You’ve got something on your shirt…”

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