My Philosophy

(…My Loving Thoughts To You…)

It “takes one to know one…” is the phrase I like to use when counseling my clients; I’ve always struggled with my own weight—up and down, year after year.  I’ve tried many different ways (some really crazy) to achieve weight loss and optimal health for most of my life.

On this journey, I’ve made it my life’s mission to bring the most up to date and accurate methods of not only achieving a healthy weight for you, but also for reclaiming your naturally innate life force so that you may live a happy, healthy, uncomplicated and sweet life on this beautiful planet.

Healthy Foods. Vitamins. Sleep. Water. Exercise. Love. Humor. Friendship. Community. Family. Purpose. Together.

Diet King Health Monster, LLC.

What It Takes
(…To Get You To The Top Of Your Everest…)

It’s not easy; if you’re a hostage to this food climate we’re all living in, you know what you’re facing.  But there’s hope.  We’ll do this together, day after day; we’ll break the chains of bad carbohydrate addiction; we’ll sift through the misinformation and the false labels on your food; we’ll eat real foods; we’ll get to the bottom of what’s holding you back—and you’ll be healthier, and happier.  You’ll feel freer than you can ever remember. 

Diet King Health Monster health coaching isn’t just you being handed a list of what and what not to eat; it’s a fluid, balanced, non-judgmental and loving plan for you to regain what you so deserve in this life—your precious health and a strong, healthy body. 

We will do this together and we will succeed.  You are a human being; you are not numbers on a lab report; you are not lazy, and despite what you may have been told in the past, you do care; you just need someone behind you to always remind you that indeed, you do matter.